RAW: Driver hits Louisville protester

UPDATE: The motive force who hit a protester on Thursday tells police she ‘feared for her life Louisville Metro police mentioned no expenses have been filed towards the driving force …

40 thoughts on “RAW: Driver hits Louisville protester

  1. That's so weird. At 0:14 the guy only points a gun at the car and the car drives away. Why would he do that? I bet the driver was racist and thinks that white people should be in charge of everyone else

  2. She stopped but then he literally ran up to her after and pointed a gun at her head. They better not dare call this a hIt aNd rUn they threatened her life twice in that video. The video shown should prove to thr court that she was in the right and the criminals where being a danger.

  3. I would arrest the protesters for obstructing traffic and possession and to cause harm with the weapon to the driver

  4. title should be: Lady driver got assaulted and intimidated by street terrorists, and fled, than got threathend with a gun, and really wanted to leave!!!!

  5. Kid asks: why are people in the road?
    Mom says: they are rioters trying to make their mark in the world.
    The kid asks: why is there blood on the road?
    mom says: those are the rioters marks they left behind in the world.

  6. Looks like Somalia. A gang in the street tries to shake down a passerby, the passerby gets away, the gang gets in their own car and chases. What a joke.

  7. She was escaping a dangerous situation and it was no fault of her own.
    If she's got a gang of 6 armed terrorists trying to enter her vehicle, then it's obvious they want to kill or rape her. Of course she's going to try to escape. Any animal would.

  8. Feel so sorry for the driver being harrassed and potentially having their life threatened by out of control mobsters rushing towards them!

  9. Fuck that pull my car door handles and I’m running you bitches over .. this isn’t peaceful protesting this is a mob

  10. Imagine driving home with your family when a mob starts banging on your car and trying to get in? I couldn’t imagine how scared they would be. What would you do?

  11. I like how none of the comments are defending the idiot protesters. As They’re reading through each comment, their rage is just building up inside, but they know if they dare post a comment sticking up for the protesters, we’ll swarm on them and give them a verbal ass whooping and their notifications will be going off 50 times an hour.

  12. I think I would hit anyone in my way too if there was a crowd of angry criminals attacking my car, screaming, and then pointing a gun at me. Hit the gas and don't stop, ignore the high number of speed bumps on the road.

    I also thoroughly enjoy how these criminals start sprinting after the car, as if they are the victims and think they can catch a fast-moving car on foot and actually do anything.

  13. Two rule of organized protests which today are being ignored
    1. You MUST get a permit for your protest.
    2. You must NOT impede traffic ( both foot and automobile ) in any way.
    You ignore those rules, I'll ignore the rule about running your ass over.

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