Sony Bravia TV: How to Download/Install Apps

You probably have a Sony Bravia TV (non Android TV) you can’t obtain apps nonetheless I provide you with different options. Hope this helps. Amazon Fireplace TV Stick 4K: …

20 thoughts on “Sony Bravia TV: How to Download/Install Apps

  1. Thank you. My parents bought this TV. I don't know why there are no apps installed its not an android TV thats why.

  2. it have this tv, it’s no wonder i was having a hard time trying to figure out how to download apps on this tv haha thanks for the help man you did a great job on your videos the were very helpful and clear.

  3. Bro when I first bought it it has the App Store in all apps. Durin the updates it disappeared that’s dumb of Sony now u can’t download shit

  4. thanks for the video it helped 2 years to late hahaha but still thank you for the video at less i know now what i need to do.. still love sony Bravia no mater the faults

  5. If i bought my Smart TV i had over 50-80 Apps i can install. Today if i connect my Tv again to internet and want to use "twitch" on SmartTV i see that i have only 20 Apps more and cant not install new/another Apps. Where are all the fucking apps gone now?

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