South Africa: Uproar over violence against foreign truck drivers

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa is being urged to intervene in a violent marketing campaign focusing on international truck drivers. About 30 vehicles have been set alight, …

47 thoughts on “South Africa: Uproar over violence against foreign truck drivers

  1. Whats troubling me is that those South Africans want to be employed then drive trucks to other African countries, weird indeed

  2. The ANC have ruined South Africa with corruption and incompetence.
    They blame foreigners as scape goats.
    What is the difference between Nelson Mandela and Jacob Zuma.
    Mandela had a British education and Zuma was 100% ignorant.

  3. My work colleague here in London, lost her brother in law in southAfrica, people just walked into their house and killed him just because he owned a taxi,

  4. Employment service act 2014 section 4(a) & 4(b) says ; no foreigners can be employed in work areas South Africans can do… Why is that not mentioned by Aljazeera & all other media institutions…

    It is sad that people are killed but the problem is media including the truth not told on this Aljazeera segment & not reporting companies violating the employment act & government & opposition parties not enforcing the act…. Not ensuring the laws are implemented but complain when people decide to take the law into their hands, which should be enforced in the first place.. Now people are dying cause of the media, government, companies & opposition parties…

    Just like most farm are killed by foreigners who the hire those foreign workers but they won’t speak the truth they would make it a race matter & say black are killing whites…they won’t say they hired illegal immigrants

  5. It’s amazing how news networks have so much to say about South Africa when they fail to notice that this is not about the people. It’s about the fact that the owners of the trucks hire non-south africans because they accept cheap labour due to currency exchange rates being in their favour. Secondly this is an isolated event and not country wide. It’s funny how news networks always sensationalise the story to get views based on negative captions to get views.

  6. Its quite funny how ppl call out SA is still being colonized, yet they flock into the country to work for very same white bosses with peanuts salaries. I wonder what happened to other countries that was liberated way before SA?

  7. In my understanding about this issue, I think our government is very stupid enough to have ignored these issues such that they go this far. It's very ignorant of even non-South African governments to watch South Africa doing this while they know that they are suppose to provide jobs and stability to their very own citizens. This is not right and unfortunately things always have to go this far because our governments enjoy looting money and watching people die like flies

  8. Its back to the stone age for SA….
    They almost had a good chance at climbing the economic ladder but apparently that was to racist. ..so they kicked all the nasty farmers and business people out who was bringing the place into the 21 century. ..
    To late now…Chinas moving in and the locals are get a taist of what racism is really all about !!
    All best to our SA friends. ..

  9. There is a xenophobic culture in South Africa. The sooner us Africans own up to this fact the better because our brothers over there are killing us.

  10. The problem is on the government policy, not the people. If the police is corrupted not doing his job, don't blame to the ppl.
    Because the government is the steering and ppl are the vehicle.
    So blame to the South African Government.

  11. We are going to see SA businesses in Africa boycott. These xenophobic attacks started a long time ago. Remember the attacks on traders in the early 2000s. If SA continues to behave this way they will be the ultimate losers

  12. South africa is a huge mess rn. Wtf is wrong wiry this xenophobic rubbish. I blame other african leaders for not developing their countries cause if they did nobody would go there.

  13. And Kenya hosted refugees from Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi,Congo, Ethiopia and South Sudan. Not been easy for Kenyans or the these refugees. But none of these foreigners were ever burned or chased away. Shame on you South Africans! And I hope one day youll learn the hard way

  14. I've lived there and it's not about job's but jealousy! They wonder how other African's make it in s.a while themselves don't. Sorry to say but most people there are a sick society.

  15. Im a trucker for 7 years now and I dont support the violence, some people they dont understand the core of the problem.

  16. There is no justification for harming others. The solution is for South African truck companies to hire 80% South Africans. We don't have a pro-active government that is why we have these problems.

  17. South Africa still occupied by dutch colonizers from Holland and indians who will liberate South Africa from dutch colonizers from Holland and Indians. Nelson Mandela and Ramaphosa sold out South Africa to Dutch colonizers from Holland and indians. The anc sold out South Africa to Dutch colonizers from Holland and Indians

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