Tesla Driver Caught On Camera Apparently Asleep At The Wheel | NBC Nightly News

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23 thoughts on “Tesla Driver Caught On Camera Apparently Asleep At The Wheel | NBC Nightly News

  1. I worked for a popular tour bus company in ne usa. I was part of a 3 bus move. Per walkie talkie i begged the other drivers to pull over so i could walk around. They just said hang in there buddy. I begged them. Dont know how i or my passengers didnt crash. Found out later i had sleep apnea. Im good now. Wish they listened. We were very close to being on national news.

  2. Sue Tesla to remove the function they should remove "Auto-plot" stop promoting and benefiting off something they dont have. While knowingly watching Americans parish.. Vultures

  3. This is fake news. Here is how you know. 1. No one ever shows the license plate. 2. No one ever calls the police. 3. No one is ever concerned that the person may have a medical emergency. 4. No one ever gets in front and causes the vehicle to brake. No one ever does anything to try and save the lives of everyone else on the road……it is shoddy reporting like this that make people question the integrity of NBC 'news'.

  4. Tesla: dave do you trust me
    Dave: with every fiber of my body
    Faintly painted white overlaping highway lines: let me introduce myself.

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