Scandisk Memory Card not recognised by Windows 10
Driver on

the audio in my PC with Windows 10 is not working

        Pricey Madam,

                            I’m comfortable to obtain your quick reply.

                            I proceed your steps and get the next particulars:

                            On click on “playback units, I obtained two Audio system in that, as follows:

                           1) Realtek Excessive Definition Audio Default Communication System.

                           2) Ws Audio System Default System.

                           I obtained” Enhancement” solely on Realtek, not in one other.

                           In “Enhancement”, there is no such thing as a ” add a tick to the disable enhancement field” however, 

                           the next particulars are there.:

                             In a field, there 1) Omni Sound Exp-which in ” bluish mark”

                                                     2) Setting 

                                                     3) Voice Cancellation

                                                     4) Pitch Shift

                                                     5) Equilizar

                                                     6) Head cellphone virtualzation

                                                     7) Loudness Equalization.

                          the above particulars have a small field every. I believe that that is to make tick.

                          there’s additionally ” Sound impact properties” field and “okay” in bluish mark, with cancel and


                        Please information me  to observe, to do nicely,

                        UMACHANDRAN VISWANATHAN.

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