UK lorry drivers to undergo COVID-19 tests in Dover due to curbs

France has eased border restrictions with the UK, ending a ban geared toward stopping the unfold of a mutated pressure of the coronavirus. European …

36 thoughts on “UK lorry drivers to undergo COVID-19 tests in Dover due to curbs

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  2. DISCRACEFUL!!!! Sleep well Macron, Boris and spol. Guys do you have any chance of leaving the lorries behind and going back to your families? How can we help? ❤️

  3. if someone could perhaps answer – what in Earth is going through a disease without symptoms? isn't that true that if someone had met his GP before 2020 claiming he's sick yet with no symptoms then the good doctor wouldn't have told him you're alright man, get a grip on yourself and enjoy your life?

  4. All EU drivers – UK drivers simply went home. Very sorry for these guys. Most will miss a family Christmas. Thanks Macron.

  5. What politicians do in these situations? blame others, because what else can be done about it? It is time to make all these governments responsible for their inept actions! Who cares about brexit, who cares about f. covid when people are deprived of their basic human rights!!!!!!!

  6. France is doing this to get a better deal for the eu, this is France, France should be look after the drivers not us

  7. They should all buy dinghys and paddle down the coast where they will be picked up by border farce and put in a 4 star hotel for Christmas.

  8. It's not the responsibility of the UK, the Truckers and travellers are mostly European, they have been stranded here by the actions of the French, not the British, when British Drivers are stranded in France at the Ferry Ports due to the various Strikes etc. they don't get any help from the French Authorities

  9. Hard to believe Macron will be sitting in his luxurious home knowing all the chaos he is causing to families Christmas, heartless man..

  10. UK Government is totally Useless. VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in the UK government is needed to get them out of power. Boris is a dictator, he played right into the EU & Globalists hands saying we have lost control of a mutant strain. What did he exect to happen, the world to invite the Killer mutant strain into their countries? Boris & Hancock need to be Jailed for crimes against humanity, destroying peoples livlihoods and the economy, preventing people from getting much needed medical care with these draconian lockdowns, taking away our civil liberties & freedoms. The lockdowns do not stop a virus.

  11. I'm amazed at the number of fools who think Covid is a conspiracy or a hoax. Do they really think 68,000+ people died of a hoax?

  12. I love it so much. I really hope that all locals in Brexit voting Dover will be kept awake at night by the unrest and honking trucks. Brexit means Brexit at the end of the day doesn't it.
    Can't wait for 1st of Jan and for the new EU-UK was starting in 2021.

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