Ultimate North American Cars Driving Fails Compilation – 267 [Dash Cam Caught Video]

This dashcam caught video that includes driving fails, on the spot karma, good drivers, and unhealthy drivers from the USA and Canada with our distinctive and unique on-screen …

24 thoughts on “Ultimate North American Cars Driving Fails Compilation – 267 [Dash Cam Caught Video]

  1. Canada road rage: “whatr you doing? Whatr you doing? Silly gooses.”
    Meanwhile in the US: “raging refrain of expletives and hands in the air while spitting all over your own window.”

  2. The Rockwall accident, I was on the other side of the bridge when that accident happened. Sadly I don't have a dual channel camera system on my pickup that would have recorded it from the other side.

  3. You have got to drive with your head on a swivel. If you see a car about to hit you from behind and you are in the right hand lane, quickly pull into the shoulder if it looks like a collision is eminent. Just make sure that cars intentions are not to hit you by pulling into the same shoulder area.

  4. Kudos to the guy who made an effort to not hit the opossum. Seems like a lot of people get a thrill out of killing them, it's nice to see the opposite.

  5. Can I get some opinions. Do American drivers try to exert or defend their right of way a lot? Not particularly in this video, but I find a lot of the compilations of American driving, some accidents would be avoided if cars didn’t speed up to stop people cutting in, or if they just braked earlier instead of beeping. Lemme know what you think?

  6. 2:41 Portland, land of the jacked up 4×4 pickup with studded tires. And not one of the owners understands that those mechanical advantages only help you get moving, once your speed goes beyond the limits of friction Newton's first law takes effect. See it every winter driving up to Mt Hood. Honda Civics with chains on just chugging up the hill at a reasonable speed while the Escalades and Tahoes are in the ditch because 4WD means you can run the icy roads at 60MPH

  7. 2:25 Don't see an issue here. Driver gave cammer ample notice that he was backing out of a driveway. Unfortunately this is what happens when driveways are on major roads.

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