Noomi Rapace leads the all-star solid of this intense, London-set spy thriller. She performs undercover CIA agent Alice Racine, charged with stopping an …

28 thoughts on “Unlocked

  1. When this movie came it was savaged by the media as too far fetched. Not anymore! Covid pretty much did what Micheal Douglas said at the end. Only it was unleashed by the Chinese Communist party. And normally I would have been critical of the CIA being the boogeyman but after I see what the deep state has done to our president and the rigging of the election here in America, I believe these evil mother fu…ers are capable of doing any and all evil deeds in the world and in America!

  2. Hmmmm.the theme has the same flavors on what is taking place in the world today.Great Britain, Boris locking down country for the "Deep State" , New virus strain.

  3. A great movie, with Noomi Rapace (girl with a dragon tattoo) just her alone, she's an equalizer and John Malkovich, comedic and deadly crazy with Michael Douglas, I'm popcorn loaded.

  4. Excellent movie from any aspect, writing, direction, cinematography and acting. Even the editing deserves a nod. Not perfect by any means, but the necessary torture of logic introduced was kept to a minimum to make sure the bad guys got punished. Highly recommended.

  5. I started watching this really late and was practically falling asleep listening to it with my eyes closed…… then I heard the first plot twist during interrogation and my brain instantly woke up and was like wait did I hear what I think I just heard?!?! great movie loved it

  6. I live in Oklahoma. Kind of good to know what Producers think of us. This was released in 2017. Of course they want to kill the Oklahomans. We're all Native Americans.

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