Vancouver's Worst Drivers: Driving Downtown is a Nightmare!

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43 thoughts on “Vancouver's Worst Drivers: Driving Downtown is a Nightmare!

  1. Last clip is in Mission, in a very long highway 11 off ramp after the abbotsford mission bridge that leads towards lougheed highway eastbound.

  2. I didn't know why people are making fun of Richmond, until I was rear-ended by a DUI driver when driving down No. 3 Road. Plus the driver took off and was never caught : )

  3. A very rare sight of a shiny BMW using it's turn signals at 8:21 was quite fascinating. By the way, I passed my road test recently, in my first attempt.I watched your videos and grasped the meaning of "how not to drive like an asshole in Surrey/metro VAN" and VOILA! Success!!!!

  4. You exaggerate over little everyday driving mistakes. You should show your face so you can get your ass beat when you walk the streets

  5. 0:30 Vancouver’s Worst drivers: “I hope his resolution is to ride his bike a bit safer.” Biker: “looks around for a safe place to ride” Biker: …

  6. correction, ICBC is no longer a dumpster fire. It certainly was and was of the few bright spots of 2020. I saved $150 on my renewal and they just applied for and were approved on a 15% reduction for basic going forward. Are there still parts that need tinkering? most definitely. maybe the motor bike 3 tiers would be a great start!

  7. It's freaking hard to see pedumbstrians who wear black clothes at night, in the middle of the road with basically no light. it's asking to be hit.

    So many bad drivers where you live. Over here, it's the same, even worse at time.
    And yes, I got into an accident because of a dumbass who wanted to changed lane on a solid white lane and all. He was going straight and he changed lane into me in the left turn lane..
    Still have the video…

  8. At 9:53 – I am 85% sure that I saw that exact same car pull the same move, just down Railway in Richmond (maybe 2 km from that video clip, if even that). Which is very strange, because Richmond drivers would never misuse lanes.

  9. I hate how riders in BC demand more room and space to be able ride on the road but then won't give you any & flip you off -_-

  10. Happy new year, nothing surprises me with Vancouver driver's. God forbid I have to go to Richmond as there's a high chance of getting into a fender bender….

  11. People should be able to submit videos like this to icbc (hopefully with plates in full view) then they should get tickets or pay higher premiums to offset actual good safe drivers that have to pay crazy insurances rates because of these idiots .

  12. I hate cyclists, we build them bike lanes, they don’t use it – and think they own the road and cars are supposed to avoid them at all costs. Entitled pricks ( most of them , not all)

  13. I have seen some stupid stuff on the road before but never anything as crazy as some of this shit. How do these people even have licenses? And yes, I drive in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. I almost got sideswiped on the Pitt River bridge once when someone tried to change lanes into my lane before (no, I was not in their blind spot, I was RIGHT next to them).

  14. It was a pain listening to your voice, just play a background music and let us watch and stop narrating with your clogged nose. The most annoying word I heard was "SITUATION" you don't have to keep saying the same thing over and over.

  15. The funny thing is I live in the inner city of Vancouver … it’s mostly pedestrians, cyclists and tourists (out of town plates) I’m wary about. Traffic in town is pretty slow as there’s either gridlock, slow moving stop’n go traffic, & mostly pedestrians. Meanwhile, it’s when I have to go out to Metro Vancouver’s suburbs the “fun” begins. I find Richmond, Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford to be the most terrifying. Vancouver is ringed by incompetence.

  16. Canada welcomes and invites all cultures from all parts of the world – even " driving " cultures – no matter how wrong or right it is. Go figure.

  17. Too much extremism || timidity <——————————————|————————————————> bravado ||

  18. 2:56 Not sure in BC but in Ontario your are to yield to a pedestrian till they finish crossing then they can proceed. So they did no wrong, tho they should have backed up since it was clear to do so.
    Want to blame someone blame the pedestrian if your crossing laws are similar to Ontario's.

  19. didnt know there was this channel, subscribed rightaway and installing rear dashcam rightaway tomorrow!! lot of crazy drivers in vancouver be careful everyone

  20. Can you send these clips to police for ticketing ? There's absolutely no traffic enforcement in lower mainland, it seems traffic cops only work in summer. Things will get worst with no fault Icbc.

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