Voice Teacher Reacts | Olivia Rodrigo & Morissette Amon Drivers License Live Performances

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  1. Just Morissette and a mic – who else could sound like this live with only a mic? No auto-tune, lip-synching, loud or busy background commotion to distract from vocal imperfections, or sophisticated audio processing to sound like a polished studio recording. She truly is an anomaly.

  2. check out her new single "love you still " which she co-wrote with her fiance dave lamar. this song is more of a pop style thought you might like it.

  3. Olivia, the half Filipina is such a good singer, I can see her making it big here in the States. Morissette, the Filipina, Asia's Phoenix, is an amazing performer. She deserves International recognition. I hope she makes it this year, reading all the comments online. She's a brave girl, showing us her raw singing like this. Thanks for the analysis. Subbed**

  4. MORISSETE es una CANTANTE PARTICULAR puede INTERPRETAR un TEMA en ESTUDIO (con todo lo técnico y arreglos) EN RADIO (SWISH 105.7), KARAOKE, TV en VIVO ( entrevista ) CONCIERTO en ViVO ( con todo lo técnico) en la SALA o DORMITORIO a CAPELLA etc. y si voz se ESCUCHA LIMPIA, CLARA, BRILLANTE aparte del SENTIMIENTO y PASION q le pone y su GRAN TECNICA VOCAL.
    OLIVIA es una GRAN CANTANTE es ya cuestión de PREFERENCIAS.
    MORI es MORI. Lima – Perú.

  5. Doing a bare cover is such a brave thing to do. She knows she can do it because she's Morissette. She's so connected with her emotions that's it's so easy for her to express them in this song. Another epic rendition. Thanks for appreciating her. ❤️ from the Philippines.

  6. React also the finale in cebu Live " AND I AM TELLING YOU " Morissette Amon and " HEART MEDLEY LIVE 24TH Television Award Morissette Amon

    I love Morissette’s stylistic choice to go for that raspy tone when she belts to show pain, vulnerability and all the emotions you feel when you go through such heartache.

  8. I find the song juvenile, but it matches Olivia's young age. It's naïve love something we can all relate to if you cant remember being a tween. It's still good but better w Mori because she is the emote queen.

  9. Happy to see you back Ms. Rachel. It was in your channel when I first heard morissette sing & I fell in love right away with her voice. I remember when you said that she doesn't look like she was singing live when she sang her original song "akin ka na lang" because it sounds edited. And, I was so happy to discover her & continue watching more of her stuff in your channel. Please continue to react to morissettes song. She also have a new original song " love you still" If you could check that out as well. Thank you & stay safe!

  10. Let me coin that squeek as "Mori's Cry", its her signature deliberate crack afterall. Anyway, like Bruno Mars and Natalie before her who made it to the charts, Olivia is also half Filipino.
    Mori's misfortune is she a'int US-base and covers are seldom picked by American and European airwaves.
    She is undoubtedly a slayer of originals but has to come with her own to conquer the charts and the world.
    Yet in the eyes of the Filipino, Morissette is their own grammy winner, another yet Leah Salonga of the originalJasmine or Charice that did the Philippines proud.

  11. I'm so sorry friends, the Olivia section of this got copyrighted and her singing was deleted 🙁 Working to resolve the issue ASAP.

  12. Morissette sang LIVE in Busan, South Korea @ 2017 ASIA SONG FESTIVAL
    ( Secret Love Song + MASHUP of Best Of My Love & Mariah's Emotions )
    DISNEY's A Whole New World Morissette with Darren Espanto (WISH)
    Bryan Adams' & Barbra's I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE (WISH BUS)
    Morissette cover of Little Mix's SECRET LOVE SONG (WISH)
    with whistle tone – I Want To Know What Love Is @ MYX Live
    Morissette cover of Demi Lovatoi's STONE COLD @ MYX Live
    MOON RIVER feat. with Maestro Ryan Cayabyab on piano
    Moon River / Usahay MASHUP ft. Miguel, Adonis & Dave @ Morissette
    Demi Lovato's TELL ME YOU LOVE ME ft. Xergio Ramos @ Morissette
    Bebe Rexha's YOU CAN'T STOP THE GIRL (Maleficent) @ Morissette
    Jessie J's Ain't Been Done from latest PHOTOSHOOT @ Morissette
    Morissette on Sia's TITANIUM @ MNL12 Music Festival 2021

    Morissette's own LOVE YOU STILL (official music video)
    MORISSETTE's own YOU AND I [cc] subs (WISH)
    MORISSETTE's own Naririnig Mo Ba [cc] subs (WISH)
    MORISSETTE's own DIAMANTE [cc] subs (WISH)
    MORISSETTE's own PANAGINIP @ It's Showtime
    MORISSETTE's own PANAGINIP [cc] subs (WISH)
    Morissette's & Jason Dy's DIYAN BA SA LANGIT (WISH)
    MORISSETTE's own THROWBACK [cc] subs (WISH)
    MORISSETTE's own IKAW AY AKO @ wish ultimate fandom
    MORISSETTE's own PAGBIGYANG MULI with 3rd Avenue
    MORISSETTE's own HINAHANAP PA RIN on piano @ home
    MORISSETTE's own BEGIN @ her home

    MARIAH CAREY MEDLEY @ a solo Morissette Concert
    Mariah Carey style AGAINST ALL ODDS (WISH BUS)
    Mariah Carey's THROUGH THE RAIN Morissette Live
    Mariah Carey's VISION OF LOVE Morissette Live
    Mariah Carey's HERO @ Globe Business Fellowship Night
    Mariah Carey's MY ALL Live @ asap natin 'to TV
    Mariah Carey's EMOTIONS Live @ It's Showtime
    Mariah style O HOLY NIGHT LIVE at StarMall Del Monte Bulacan
    Mariah Carey's ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU Robinsons Place Galleria
    A1's Ben Adams & Morissette THIS IS CHRISTMAS
    A1 Band's Ben Adams & Morissette – LIKE A ROSE

    BEYONCE MEDLEY Sweet Dreams / Dangerously In Love / Sweet Love
    Beyonce's LISTEN @ The Theatre Solaire Sept. 23, 2018
    Beyonce / Destiny's Child EMOTION @ Stages Sessions
    Beyonce's HALO with Philharmonic Orchestra Dec. 15, 2018
    Beyonce's HALO @ Robinsons Place Galleria Dec. 8, 2018
    Beyonce's HALO with MPO Rehearsal at studio M
    Beyonce's HALO [ on guitar ] Morissette outdoors on a field
    Beyonce's IF I WERE A BOY [ on piano ] Morissette @ her home
    Beyonce's LOVE ON TOP Morissette Live in Davao
    Beyonce's SINGLE LADIES with Samuel Lawrence Concepcion DOD
    Black Eyed Peas' Let's Get It Started with Sam Concepcion

    BROADWAY MEDLEY with Martin Nievera Live in Las Vegas
    Lady GaGa's SHALLOW with Martin Nievera Live in Las Vegas
    Sara Bareilles' She Used To Be Mine ( The Waitress )
    Lea Salonga's I'd Give My Life For You ( Miss Saigon ) by Morissette
    Barbra Streisand's MEMORY Broadway ( Cats ) by Morissette
    Frank Wildhorn's Someone Like You ( Jekyll and Hyde ) by Morissette
    Stephanie Mills / Diana Ross HOME Broadway ( Wiz ) by Morissette
    Sometime Somewhere with Orchestra (Rehearsal) [HD] by Morissette

    Morissette LIVE in South Korea @ 2018 ASIA SONG FESTIVAL
    Andra Day's RISE UP cover in Acapella 2020 with 3rd Avenue
    SHINE Morissette with 3rd Avenue Live Band (WISH)
    Bryan Adams' & Barbra's I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE (WISH)
    DISNEY's Reflection – Morissette Tale As Old As Time from the movie MULAN
    Grand Opening Performance @ Morissette Is MADE Concert
    Kat De Luna's RUN THE SHOW @ asap TV dance + rap

    Whitney Houston's RUN TO YOU Morissette with Philharmonic Orchestra
    Whitney Houston's I HAVE NOTHING Morissette on piano @ her home
    Jennifer H.'s AND I AM TELLING YOU in Cebu Concert FINALE
    Jessie J. (WYA) invited Morissette [HD] LIVE in Manila
    Calum Scott's YOU ARE THE REASON with Daryl Ong
    Lewis Capaldi's SOMEONE YOU LOVED with Dave Lamar
    THE PRAYER Duet with Jej Vinson @ asap natin 'to
    Rick Price's HEAVEN KNOWS Live at CBTL Stages Sessions

    CEBUANA Live @ Morissette is MADE in Cebu Concert
    Anne-Marie's [ 2002 ] Morissette Live in Vancouver
    Anne-Marie's [ 2002 ] Live @ Monster RX93.1 Radio
    Lady GaGa's MILLION REASONS @ Monster RX93.1 Radio
    DI NA MULI Live @ Monster RX93.1 Radio
    DI NA MULI Morissette @ Thunderbird Rizal Casino outdoors
    Natalie Cole's MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY Morissette @ Thunderbird outdoors
    Kelly Clarkson's BREAKAWAY Morissette Amon live outdoors
    Tori Kelly's Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing 24th Asian TV Awards

    Heart's WHAT ABOUT LOVE @ PLATINUM The Concert
    Sia's CHANDELIER @ PLATINUM The Concert
    Sia's CHANDELIER Live @ LIV Super Club Cebu
    KATY PERRY MEDLEY @ LIV Super Club Cebu
    HEART MEDLEY Morissette rendition on most requested @ convention
    A ROCK MEDLEY @ Morissette Is MADE Concert
    BROADWAY MEDLEY with Martin Nievera Live in Las Vegas
    MOTOWN MEDLEY with DANCE Live in Laguna Concert
    CLEAN BANDIT MEDLEY Grand Opening Performance in Laguna

    Christina Aguilera's BEAUTIFUL with Gio Levi @ Stages Sessions
    Demi Lovato's STONE COLD Morissette Live in Toronto
    Demi Lovato's STONE COLD Morissette Live in Melbourne
    Demi Lovato's STONE COLD Morissette Live in California
    Demi Lovato's SKY SCRAPER acoustic w Dave Lamar
    Karmin's BROKENHEARTED acoustic w Dave Lamar
    Bruno Mars' BEFORE IT EXPLODES Morissette with the Lamars
    Bette Midler's WIND BENEATH MY WINGS in Laguna Concert
    Celine Dion's I LOVE YOU GOODBYE @ Music Museum Stages Sessions
    Celine Dion's MY HEART WILL GO ON (Titanic OST) w Philharmonic
    Coldplay's FIX YOU @ Stages Sessions on keyboard piano
    THIS IS ME The Greatest Showman @ Morissette Is MADE Concert
    One Direction's SOMETHING I NEED Morissette on acoustic guitar

    Lady GaGa's SHALLOW with Martin Nievera Live in Las Vegas
    Lady GaGa's I'LL NEVER LOVE AGAIN by Morissette Live outdoors
    Lady GaGa's Always Remember Us This Way Morissette on piano @ home
    Lady GaGa's MILLION REASONS Morissette on piano @ Muaic Is Us
    Lady GaGa's MILLION REASONS @ Stages Sessions
    Adele's WHEN WE WERE YOUNG @ Stages Sessions
    Adele's HELLO Live @ Stages Sessions
    Adele's ALL I ASK Morissette Live @ The Music Museum
    Adele's ROLLING IN THE DEEP [ 2012 SM City Cebu Kanta Pilipinas ]
    Adele's ROLLING IN THE DEEP cover by Morissette [ 2020 ]

    Ariana Grande's Almost Is Never Enough with Marlo Mortel
    Ariana Grande's PROBLEM LIVE on MG1 Music Museum
    Ariana Grande's BREAK FREE Live @ It's Showtime
    Ariana Grande's FOCUS Live @ It's Showtime
    Alicia Keys' NY Empire State Of Mind @ Stages Sessions
    Alicia Keys' If I Ain't Got You ( Morissette back in 2014 ) LIVE
    Alicia Keys' GIRL ON FIRE @ Morissette Davao Concert EA Phoenix HD
    Jessie J.'s BANG BANG Morissette Live @ Harana Concert
    Jessie J's NOBODY'S PERFECT @ Morissette fansday plays guitar
    Jessie J's WHO YOU ARE on Morissette Concert amay amon
    Jessie J (WYA) invited Morissette [ HD ] LIVE in Manila

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