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Windows 10 driver load order

I’ve a home windows kernel driver, that has to examine for a particular string in SMBIOS desk and if the string is obtainable, the driving force will load. Else, the driving force will not be loaded.

It’s applied and works high-quality on set up. However when the system is restart / shutdown and begin, the driving force load fails due to the SMBIOS string will not be accessible.

We imagine that the mssmbios.sys that’s liable for loading the SMBIOS desk will not be put in whereas the driving force is attempting to do SMBIOS string examine.

Can anybody assist us in specifying ultimately that mssmbios.sys ought to be accessible for our driver to begin?


We tried:

  1. Change LoadOrderGroup
  2. Change Dependencies

In our inf file

ServiceType = 1
StartType = 3

In mssmbios.inf

ServiceType = 1
StartType = 1
Group =

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