android - Where to find or download USB Driver folder?
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windows – How does PnP manager determine the appropriate function driver?

when bus driver detect and report PDO machine PnP supervisor ship a number of IRP_MJ_PNP to PDO machine. together with IRP_MN_QUERY_ID for get System Identification Strings

then formated registry key path in type


in place string returned by machine for BusQueryDeviceID and in place string returned by machine for BusQueryInstanceID (Parameters.QueryId.IdType)

this key opened or created. then was question for BusQueryHardwareIDs and BusQueryCompatibleIDs. results of this question saved in HardwareID and CompatibleIDs REG_MULTI_SZ values.

after which PnP supervisor search for Service REG_SZ worth beneath this key – if it exist already – the motive force ( REGISTRYMACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServices) loaded and it AddDevice known as with this PDO. if this worth but not set – was search through put in inf information in system – for finest match HardwareID and CompatibleIDs. if discovered driver – consequence saved beneath Service REG_SZ worth, for not search subsequent time

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