Scandisk Memory Card not recognised by Windows 10
Driver on

Wireless adapters missing in Windows 10

Hello Denis,

Really I attempted this earlier than! My fault to not point out the options I already tried right here.

What I already did earlier than was:

– Replace the drivers via the Machine Supervisor;

– Replace the drivers downloading from the producer website;

– Uninstall the motive force and reboot the laptop to let home windows reinstall it;

– Reset the community adapters via Home windows Community Settings;

– Take away the adapters utilizing “netcfg -d” in command immediate;

– Set the ability choices to not permit Home windows to show the adapter off;

These are those I can keep in mind. Curiously a few of these work generally and the adapter preserve working for a few days and all of the sudden it stops once more.

Really whereas I am replying you, the adapter has got here again to life however I am simply ready for it to stops once more, so I am attempting to determine the true trigger and a definitive approach to make it cease (with out altering my SO or formatting it).

Admire the assistance!

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