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The unique Microsoft Xbox One with Kinect and controller.

Microsoft Xbox One S and controller.

Historical past[edit]


Growth of backwards compatibility instruments for the Xbox One took a considerable amount of effort.[1]


The Xbox One was launched in November of 2013 at a value of $500.[2]


In late 2013 an incomplete developer mode for the Xbox One surfaced, prompting curiosity.[3] By 2014 the [email protected] Indie improvement program had launched.[4]

In 2014 Microsoft acquired the Sweedish firm Mojang, the builders of Minecraft, for two.5 billion {dollars}.[5]

Over the course of 2014, Microsoft took many steps to make the Xbox Yet another client pleasant and aggressive out there, together with a lot of worth reductions and providing the system and not using a Kinect for a less expensive worth.[6]

For the market in Brazil Microsoft manufactured the Xbox One there, letting it price solely 2,199 reals in comparison with the price of the PlayStation 4’s Brazilian price of three,999 reals.[7]

In early 2016 it was introduced that the Xbox one would assist Common Home windows Functions.[8]

The improved Xbox One S was launched on August 2nd, 2016.[9]

The Xbox One X was launched in late 2017.[10] By late August 2017 the unique Xbox One was discontinued.[11][12]

The worth decreased Xbox One S All Digital Version was launched in 2019.[13]


Manufacturing of the Xbox One S All Digital Version and the Xbox One X have been discontinued in early 2020 to give attention to manufacturing of the upcoming Collection X and Collection X.[14]


An 28nm authentic Xbox APU die.

Xbox One[edit]


The Xbox One makes use of an AMD APU which incorporates the CPU and GPU.[15] The Xbox One has an eight core Jaguar CPU clocked at 1.75 gigahertz.[15]

The Xbox One GPU incorporates 12 compute models clocked at 853 megahertz.[16][17]

The unique Xbox One is able to 1.31 teraflops of efficiency.[16]

The CPU incorporates 32 megabytes of excessive velocity ESRAM and eight gigabytes of DDR3 RAM.[18]


The Xbox One incorporates a 500 gigabyte onerous drive and Blu-Ray drive.[18] The Xbox One Elite Version makes use of a one terabyte hybrid onerous drive and SSD combo as an alternative of a pure onerous drive.[19]

The Xbox One incorporates three Wi-Fi n radios and gigabit ethernet.[18][20]

Xbox One S[edit]


The Xbox One S has an AMD APU containing eight Jaguar CPU cores clocked at 1.75 gigahertz and a GPU clocked at 914 megahertz.[21][22]

The Xbox One S is able to 1.Four teraflops of efficiency.[16]

The Xbox One S has eight gigabytes of GDDR3 RAM.[21][22]


The Xbox One S has both a 500 gigabyte, a one terabyte, or a two terabyte onerous disk drive relying on the mannequin.[21][22] The Xbox One S additionally has an Extremely HD Blu-Ray optical disk drive, although this was excluded from the all digital version of the Xbox One S.[22][23][24]

Xbox One X[edit]


The Xbox One X has an eight core CPU clocked at 2.Three gigahertz.[25]

The Xbox One X GPU is predicated on the AMD Polaris structure and is clocked at 1.172 gigahertz and has forty compute models.[25] The Xbox One X outputs as much as 4K decision with HDR10 assist.[26]

The Xbox One X is able to six teraflops of efficiency.[27]

The Xbox One X has 12 gigabytes of GDDR5 at a velocity of 326 gigabytes per second.[26]


The Xbox One X has eight gigabytes of flash storage and a one terabyte onerous drive.[26] The Xbox One X has a UHD Blu-Ray optical disk drive.[26]

The Xbox One X has twin band (2.Four gigahertz and 5 gigahertz) ac Wi-Fi, a gigabit ethernet port, and an IR blaster.[26][25]

Scorpio Dev Package[edit]

The Scorpio Dev Package is much like an Xbox One X, however has a further SSD with a one terabyte capability, an OLED display, 24 gigabytes of DDR5 RAM, and 44 GPU compute models.[28]


The Xbox One controller makes use of 4 motors to create directional drive suggestions.[29]


The Xbox One has security measures that will later develop into the Microsoft Pluton Processor.[30]

Notable Video games[edit]










Xbox One[edit]

Xbox One S[edit]

Xbox One X[edit]


Exterior Assets[edit]


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