YGO OMEGA DOWNLOAD / How to Play YuGiOh Online 2021 New YuGiOh Game YuGiOh Omega Open Beta Tutorial

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28 thoughts on “YGO OMEGA DOWNLOAD / How to Play YuGiOh Online 2021 New YuGiOh Game YuGiOh Omega Open Beta Tutorial

  1. Right now, I still prefer Edopro for automatic simulators. Omega still lack some of Edopro's features and ease of use, and its server goes down occasionally. But then again it's still in Beta, and hopes are high for this to be the best YGO simulator yet.

  2. I'm having trouble playing online when I click online it tells me server disconnected anyone also having that problem

  3. Which banlists are being supported? Say I want to play Duelist Alliance or HAT format. Are the conditions already built in or not?

  4. idk how to download this i go to your discord and dont know where to do it, i havent played in years and want to come back to play online

  5. So many people want different things but my idea of the perfect yugioh game is one with around 8500 cards and a system that presents QnAs to you on different philosophies of life from the start but expands more as you play and fits you into one of dozens of catagories based on what type of person your answers make you seem like. The cards/card types you unlock will fit with who you are and youll have an option to have all the cards immediately or not but also have an option to face only against those with that option off and a campaign where you walk around the world of the show doing main quests like helping your friends/making friends and dueling main chatacters where you unlock points to buy card packs which will unlock cards fitted to your personality/playtype no matter the rarity with side quests where you can duel random ecounters n unlock cards of others philosophies which you would continue to unlock through card packs after fullfilling your own philosphy. Also, a multiplayer with tag, ranked, and ladder where the best players across the world play against eachother until theirs 1 winner that resets every month. Also i would want their to be filters in multiplayer like one where everyone gets a random deck from their library or one where the minium ammount your deck can hold is 60 just to give more freedom to players and make games different and finally i would make it free n BOOM yugiohs fun again!

  6. I would love to see a sealed draft format a bit like with the progression series that Cimo does which would enable people to do the same or for fun.

  7. UPDATE: Nevermind I found you have to click and hold the icons that say "EP" for end phase and "BP" for battle phase.
    I tried to practice with a bot first but I couldn't find how to attack or end my turn. What do I press?

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